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May’n ROCK YOUR BEATS tickets now available at Kinokuniya Los Angeles and San Francisco

Buy May’n concert tickets at Fanime!

May’n’s “Chase the world” available today on iTunes USA!

May’n USA Street Team now open!

May’n new releases coming to iTunes USA!

Special May’n panel announced for FanimeCon 2012!


May’n interview on JaME

May’n Interview on Japanator

May’n Interview on Anime News Network

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May’n Interview on Anime Diet

Macross World – Interview with May’n during AFA 2009, Singapore

Macross World – Interview with May’n during AFA 2011, Singapore



“HEAT is… a fiery rock-filled album… May’n has a new, grittier rock, and she definitely has the attitude and the vocal prowess to pull it off.”

“May’n is carving her own niche in the world of Japanese pop. With her rich sultry voice, you can instantly tell her apart from most singers.”

“With her spellbinding combination of strong vocals and energetic dance style melodies, May’n’s third album is fantastic.”

Anime Diet:
“May’n’s voice carries a sense of urgency and power that brought songs like “Don’t Be Late,” “Brain Driver,” and “Heat of the Moment” to life.”